Something a little different when it comes to safety. As we approach insurance time here are a couple thoughts on the matter:

In this world of high-deductible, Silver and Gold, and all the other seemingly unintelligible healthcare options, lies the opportunity to create tax deductions for today and possibly retirement savings for tomorrow. These options come not from the plans themselves, but from the Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) options allowed with the plans. These plans seem similar on the surface, however, they act very different in practice and understanding those differences can help you to determine the right healthcare plan for you.…

You’ve created a business from scratch. You’ve spent 20 years cultivating relationships, building revenues, streamlining your process, and building a nest egg for retirement. During this time, your primary focus has been on building the business and ensuring success. Your retirement would come as the fruits of that labor, and retirement always seemed far off. But, now you’re starting to see retirement as something tangible, something that might happen soon, and you have no idea what to do. Will you leave the business to a relative? Will you sell it? Do you have a partner to consider? What happens when you step down, and how do you use that to ensure that you can afford retirement?…

working from homeThe primary concerns for most who start working from home revolve around having an adequate place to work. And while having a separate, comfortable, and inviting space is important, it is hardly the only thing to consider when transitioning to working from home. At an office or workplace, there is a plan in place to ensure the facility is safe; when working from home, you need to be that team. So here are safety practices to consider when working from home.

  1. Driving Safety – Many who work from home are required to, from time to time, meet coworkers, clients, or bosses in other locations.

work place safetyEvery industry has its specific dangers and potential workplace hazards. But there are certain safety practices which can be followed which transcend industries and should be used regardless of what industry you are in. Here are five workplace safety practices which will help keep your employees safe, no matter what tasks they are performing.

  1. Monitor PPE – Whether the employer or employee is responsible for the maintenance of the PPE, if there are specific pieces of protective equipment required for a job, it is important to have a procedure in place to monitor and maintain that equipment. This equipment acts as the last line of defense for your employees, and if the protections afforded by them are required due to a workplace accident, a worn out or broken piece of equipment will result in an injury.

nikokoro.netOur team of safety aficionados at Nikokoro has put together a place where safety people can get together and discuss safety topics which pertain to their industry. Let us know what’s been happening in your industry and how it can educate and benefit those who need it.

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